• » CELESTIAL MINISTRIES is a Missionary Organization, aiming to fulfill the diving mandate of salvation to the unreached million. We have now centralized our work in Tamilnadu with its Mission Center in A.P.Nadanoor, Tirunelveli (Dt.) and now we extended our ministry in six more states. The kind of works we are involved with are the following.
  • » Started C.M.Mission Churches and now affiliated with Baptist Churches. Now our churches are known as Baptist churches.
  • » Started C.M.M.T.C (Celestial Ministries Missionary Training College). Now we have developed CMITS (Celestial Ministries International Theological Seminary) and we are members of I.A.T.A. (International Association for Theological Accrediation.)
  • » Asha Kiran Ashram (A project for differently abled) Now we have started Children’s Rehabilitation Project in A.P.Nadanoor in Tirunlveli (Dt.) and we are planning to start the Adult Rehabilitation and Old Age Home in Chennai.
  • » Personal Evangelism.
  • » Village Evangelism through tract distribution, Street preaching, etc.
  • » Communication of the gospel through audio-visual means.
  • » Praying for the sick and needy people.
  • » Conducting fasting prayers and all night prayers.
  • » Conducting Gospel Meetings in Villages.
  • » Conducting prayer meetings in the house of villagers.
  • » Conducting Vacation Bible School for students.
  • » Short term Mission Training Programmes – giving class room training as well as practical training.
  • » Bible class for Children in Villages.
  • » Giving Counseling for the needy villagers.
  • » Doing Promotional works to raise funds and to get prayer partners for all programmes.
  • » Celebrating important days of National importance like independence Day, Republic Day to show our love and respect towards the nation.
  • Doing Works of charity.
    1. Distribution of clothes to the poor and the needy.
    2. giving uniform clothes and note books for poor school children.
    3. Conducting free Medical camps and Eye camps.
  • » C.M.Mission Tuition Centres.
  • » C.M.Mission Ladies Tailoring School.