We have a vision to do the following 12 projects. Already we have started some of them and we are waiting for the fulfillment of the rest also.

  1. Celestial Ministries Missionary Training College (C.M.M.T.C) a unit of CMITS. (Celestial Ministries International Theological Seminary)
    We have a plan of training 1000 Missionaries.
  2. Celestial Baptist Churches.
    We have a plan of planting 100 churches in 10 States in India
  3. Rural Hospital Project.
  4. English Medium School & Nursery.
  5. Vocational Training Programmes for the un-employed youth.
  6. Orphanage and Child Care Projects.
  7. Rehabilitation Programmes for Varibly Disabled Children Destitutes & Widows.
  8. Social Science Research College.
  9. Income Generating Projects.
  10. Audio – Video Ministry Projects.
  11. C.M.Mission work in Other States.
  12. Celestial Ministries International. (C.M.I)