About Celestial Ministries

We are happy to introduce the CELESTIAL MINISTRIES to all friends and well wishers.

CELESTIAL MINISTRIES is a Registered Evangelistic Humanitarian Non Governmental Organization established in 1996 in the State of Kerala in India by Rev. P. J. Santhosh Kumar and Mrs. Sheela Santhosh Kumar. In the year of 1998 Mr. K. K. Varghese joined with this ministry as the secretary. Its beginning is in a humble way and with an immense desire and full dedication to meet physical and spiritual needs of human beings. CELESTIAL MINISTRIES is involved in serving the poor and unreached towards making a holistic impact on people with their culture. It is registered in the year 1998 as a Public Charitable & Educational Trust with its Registered Office in Tamilnadu and now we have extended our works to six more States also.

CELESTIAL MINISTRIES is also entrusted to bring out millions of people who are groping in darkness, poverty and oppression to the true light through our good deeds and words.

CELESTIAL MINISTRIES is a faith mission depending on the free will offerings and contributions from well wishers, Friends and Organizations


» To propagate Literacy
» To provide Employment Schemes
» To Promote Community Development
» To extend help to Orphans and Widows
» To promote Evangelistic Activities